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practicum (prak´tikəm),

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The practicum course offers opportunities to student teachers to reflect upon their professional actions through videotaping, micro-teaching assignments, reflective learning journals, peer's feedback and student's feedback (Erginel, 2006).
Offering insights to language teachers involved in connecting the classroom to the world beyond the classroom and particularly to tertiary lecturers in TESOL, our study identifies and describes key forms of learning, both the expected and the unexpected, adding further weight to research valourising the practicum as a site of valuable and authentic learning, and learning that occurs through thinking, being and acting the teacher and becoming closer to the aspiration of becoming a confident practitioner.
When on the first day, during that first practicum they were asked to explain why they were pro-life, their backstories proved to be touching, funny, and sad.
The Practicum is an annual initiative that provides participants from Africa, the Americas and Europe with the opportunity to exchange views and experiences on various crisis situations and crisis communications cases.
After exploring issues of assessment in higher education institutions' Initial Teacher Education programs (generally in Australia and Britain), education researchers draw on a long-term action research study to respond to the need to improve preservice teacher education and its outcomes, and to explore how the practicum learning experience and assessment process can be greatly enhanced for everyone by applying mobile digital communication technology.
This stage seemed to be the perfect match to the practicum courses we offer at the university.
The desire for developing this investigation was based on the need to have a better understanding of the process of teachers' development throughout the teaching practicum and of the different factors that were involved in this practice.
Enthusiastic students from across the country participated in WILPF's UN Practicum in Advocacy.
It is during the practicum experience that the LBOTE preservice teacher's identity and teacher agency are continually influenced by ongoing engagement in the structural and cultural features of a school (Datnow, Hubbard, & Mehen, 2002).
A continuacion se caracteriza el Practicum, su finalidad, rasgos, actores y resultados.
Benner's novice to expert theory provides guidance regarding roles, expectations, communication, and tools for student maximizing learning during a senior practicum experience.
RESUMEN: El presente articulo muestra los principales resultados de un estudio que persigue conocer el grado de satisfaccion con el proceso seguido para asignar centro o institucion de practicas, la percepcion previa respecto a la utilidad de las practicas externas de titulacion y de la formacion para el Practicum de los estudiantes de Pedagogia y Educacion Social de la Facultad de Educacion de la Universidad de Salamanca.