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practicum (prak´tikəm),

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In 2014, Alzheimer's Community Care established a partnership with Palm Beach Atlantic University's School of Nursing to pilot the Dementia-Specific Practicum for its Nursing Student program, a landmark collaboration that provides training for community-based, dementia-specific care.
Arther Wu, Cheetah Mobile's Senior Director of Monetization and Business Operation, will mentor the INI Practicum team.
It also trains students for employment as a CI and starts them on the path to completion of the required practicum hours needed to apply for CI status from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.
Although, as educators, we have a subjective sense about which practicum sites are excellent, which are good and which are less-than-ideal, we wanted more information to aid in the selection of the best possible sites and preceptors with whom to partner.
The practicum courses are designed for the students to acquire employment-related international skills, knowledge and expertise, including linguistic and cultural understanding.
The morning practicum sessions will focus on the classical, Christian homeschooling model and on tools for teaching Latin.
The present study addresses this gap in the literature by exploring the impact that participation in an innocence project practicum has on criminology students and their attitudes toward wrongful conviction, those who were wrongly convicted, and the criminal justice system in general.
These skills can be taught by field instructors in the practicum and in practice courses.
For example, in response to perceived gaps in the available literature, Crookes (2003) published a book-long discussion about the design and implementation of MATESOL practicum courses.
Following the daily teaching, the university professors in charge of the practicum and the graduate students gathered together for debriefing sessions.
The court also found that "Keeton remains free to express disagreement with ASU's curriculum and the ethical requirements of the ACA, but she cannot block the school's attempts to ensure that she abides by them if she wishes to participate in the clinical practicum, which involves one-on-one counseling, and graduate from the program.
Teachers even reported that long after the practicum had finished they were still using some of the ideas, worksheets, games and activities they had learned from the student teacher.