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the second subphase of the separation-individuation phase in Mahler's system of preoedipal development, when the child is able to move away from the mother and return to her for emotional nurturing. The child may feel elation in response to this investigation of the environment and through practicing locomotor skills.

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Q. does anyone practice bikram-yoga and know misuse of knee that can result from it? I just started this type of youga 2 weeks ago but do it 3-4 times a week and now I have a pain in the knee- like an inflamation from the pressure or something... Is anyone into bikram and know how can I prevent that from happening???

A. hi...This is Prashantmurti...I m a Yoga Teacher by profession...
In a straight way I will recommannd you to do a traditional Yoga...not like Vikram yoga or hot yoga...even Ramdev's Yoga has a possibility of high side effects...
If possible fing a yoga teacher or instution of Satyananda Yoga (bihar Yoga)in ur location, which is very practical,traditional, simple and effective...better not to do vikram yoga ..give some rest to ur knees and after that go thru Satyananda Yoga.
Happy New Year

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Day's companion reproached him for not practicing the caution which he enjoined upon others.
About this time, the fellow who was hanging on to the tail of the horse in front of me and practicing all sorts of unnecessary cruelty upon the animal, got kicked some fourteen rods, and this incident, together with the fairy spectacle of the lights far in the distance, made me serenely happy, and I was glad I started to Vesuvius.
The next day Tarzan was practicing with his bow and arrows at the first gleam of dawn.
He had long refused to take a seat either in a shipping office or in a tea-merchant's warehouse; and persisted, in spite of the disapproval of uncles and aunts, in practicing both violin and piano, with the result that he could not perform professionally upon either.
You see, until these School Pills were invented we wasted a lot of time in study that may now be better employed in practicing athletics.
That Crooked Magician is breaking the Law by practicing magic without a license, and I'm not sure Ozma will allow him to restore your uncle to life.
I was about to congratulate myself upon the miracle which had saved me for the moment, when the memory of the hypnotic powers of the Mahars filled me with apprehension lest they be practicing their uncanny art upon me to the end that I merely imagined that I was alone in the temple.
Tarzan would have none of it, and so he hunted alone that none might discover the sham that he was practicing.
Harrison's hired boy taught it to him, and he's been practicing it up to welcome you with.
She has taken to practicing on that dreadful instrument in the intervals of her chemistry.
It begins at three o'clock," the housemaid went on, "and, what with practicing and rehearsing, and ornamenting the schoolroom, there's a hubbub fit to make a person's head spin.
The future prima donna had done practicing her scales, and was trying her voice now in selections from Italian operas.