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A gene on chromosome 1p32 that encodes palmitoyl-protein thioesterase 1, a small glycoprotein enzyme that removes thioester-linked fatty acyl groups such as palmitate from cysteine residues.

Molecular pathology
PPT1 mutations are linked to neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis types 1 and 4.


parts per trillion (based on mass, volume or a combination of the two); powerpoint; precipitate; prepared.
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According to the SEM data there are almost insignificant changes in the morphology of PPT powder samples with surface treatment by different surfactants, however, the nature of surfactant influences the specific surface area value (Table 1).
The final mean survival values for large mussels was 88% or greater, with 31 ppt (collection salinity) having the highest final mean survival of 99% (Fig.
These values of background oxygen consumption averaged 20, 16 and 20% of those measured with fish in the respirometers, at 0, 10 and 20 ppt salinity, respectively.
the context of PPT in terms of contributing towards the achievement of the 'single European pharmaceutical market'
a)An improper or incomplete installation of MS Office or MS PowerPoint itself due to malfunctioning may create a corrupt PPT file b)Improper PC shutdown while the file was in use may cause corruption c)After using any data recovery tool the file may get recovered incompletely or in a non-working state due to a high level of disk fragmentation d)PPT file getting corrupt due to improper FTP or email transfer
Filtered seawater (1 [micro]m nominal, 35 ppt, and 25[degrees]C) was diluted with deionised water to obtain different salinity levels.
We did not estimate a TCDD level for pregnancies fathered by workers who had a TCDD level < 10 ppt at the time of the examination because, at these low levels, it is unclear whether TCDD serum level at examination was lower than in the past due to TCDD elimination over time or higher due to cumulative background environmental exposures (n = 44).
5 ppt and resulted in 100% mortality in both control and exposure groups.
As a leading, vertically-integrated manufacturer of flexible packaging products for the food, pet food, specialty consumer and health care industries, PPT is an ideal addition to our portfolio," said Wayne Kocourek, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), Mid Oaks.
Minnows intermittently exposed to 120 ppt estrogen produced almost as much vitellogenin as those continuously bathed in that amount, Panter's team found.