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The last round of CLEAR (Confirming Lead Elimination After Replacement) testing data shows that 100 percent of the samples collected were below the 15 ppb federal action level after service line replacement was completed.
In the girls coaches' office, in the west gym, a fountain reached 63 ppb.
Though the city was still far away from the original 85 ppb standard, it was slowly growing close to the revised 125 ppb standard.
The researchers collected leeches from clean lakes and then put some in water with copper at concentrations of either 10 or 20 ppb.
It just means that if the utility did the testing the way it's supposed to--and that's a big if--no more than 10 percent of its customers had lead levels over 15 ppb.
Arsenic levels exceeding 10 ppb are found in 3,000 water systems serving 13 million people nationwide, according to the EPA.
A National Academy of Sciences study released in September concluded that an arsenic standard of 10 ppb would produce a cancer risk that far exceeds what the EPA considers acceptable.
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has challenged the EPA to abandon its support for water fluoridation chemicals and has proposed lowering the federal MCL standard for arsenic to 3 ppb.
Rinks that use propane-powered machines averaged 248 ppb, compared with 54 ppb for rinks with gas-powered machines, and 30 ppb for electric machines.
PINK SHEETS:HPGI), a gold exploration, property acquisition and mining development company, is pleased to announce initial stream sediment sampling results at its South American property in Suriname, which point to a number of gold anomalies with individual sample values up to 25,000 ppb gold.
Several of the sites at Cascade reached extremely high levels, well over the federal Environmental Protection Agency's standard for "safe" amounts of lead in water, which is 20 parts per billion, or PPB.
The petitioners argued the EPA failed to adequately explain its reasons for deviating from the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee's recommendations to set the ozone NAAQS between 60 parts per billion (ppb) and 70 ppb when the agency set the standard at 75 ppb.