power toothbrush

pow·er tooth·brush

(pow'ĕr tūth'brŭsh)
Oral health care device driven by electricity or battery; also called power-assisted, automatic, electric, or mechanical (in contrast with manual).
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The American Dental Association has announced that five series of the Oral-B Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating Power Toothbrush are the only power toothbrushes to receive the ADA Seal of Acceptance.
The best way to identify a solid-head design is through the connection to the body of the power toothbrush.
s (P&G's) Oral-B unit has added a new rechargeable power toothbrush to its Professional Series line.
While the characters appeal to young children, the power toothbrush cleaning ability appeals to parents.
While the Sonicare introduction is aimed at teens, he expects business to come from parents and grandparents when they shop for a new power toothbrush or replacement head.
Chris Gaskell, senior business manager at the company, said: "The Oral-B Vitality range of power toothbrushes is a strong offering which provides products for consumers wanting to be able to buy an affordable power toothbrush.
Barlow AP, Zhou X, Roberts J, Colgan P, Effect on gingivitis of a novel integrated power toothbrush and toothpaste oral hygiene system.
Headlines and press releases ranged from the very positive, Electric Toothbrush Tops Study (4) and Landmark Study Proves Oral-B Power Toothbrush Technology Superior in Reducing Plaque and Gingivitis, (5) to the negative, Arc Power Tooth brushes Better (6) and Thumbs Down for Electric Toothbrush.
The new Oral-B CrossAction Power is a battery-powered toothbrush that brings the patented CrissCross bristle technology of CrossAction to the power toothbrush segment, delivering more cleaning action in every stroke.
The Deep Sweep TRIACTION power toothbrush is available in multiple models including the Professional Series Deep Sweep TRIACTION 1000 and Professional Series Deep Sweep + Smart Guide[TM] TRIACTION 5000, offering consumers a choice of price points and features that best suit their needs.
expanded its most popular line to include the Colgate 360 SonicPower, which the company bills as the first power toothbrush with a cheek and tongue cleaner.
Designed as an entry point into the power toothbrush market, the brush is aimed predominantly at mothers seeking quality dental care for their children at a reasonable price.