power objects

power objects,

n.pl 1. in shamanic traditions, natural objects such as stones or bones that are imbued with sacred meaning or power.
2. according to the Pima Indian healing system, items such as roadrunners, buzzard feathers, and jimson weed, which are considered sacred. Nonrespect can lead to sickness known as staying sickness. See also staying sickness.
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Even the Portuguese missionaries who began arriving in Central Africa in 1483 thought the power objects were potent.
Object of the contract is the choice of electricity supplier at freely negotiated prices and coordinator of standard balancing group according to the Energy / Energy Act / Rules for electricity trading / PTEE / and the Public Procurement Act / PPL / Power Objects DP NRIC connected levels medium / MV / and low / LV / voltage.
A Practical Path to Authenticity,” shaman and founder of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing Christina Pratt notes that there is nothing quite as powerful as making your own power objects and shamanic tools.
What Martin does in "Theatre of the World" is precisely the reverse--he elevates modern and contemporary artworks to the status of fetishes, power objects on the same footing as grave goods and sacred icons.
It will allow pupils to investigate how they work, how the energy can be stored and how it can be used to power objects within the school.
This includes power objects such as transaction tables and user-defined, portable business logic enabling application developers to create complex, logic-rich transactional documents 80% faster.
Spirits are understood as directing individual action "(through dreams, visions, direct encounter, or possession of power objects such as stones, shells, masks, or fetishes).
THIS is the true story behind Indiana Jones as it tells how Hitler and the Nazis launched a quest to find the power objects from history and prove the myths of Atlantis, the Holy Grail and an ancient German Master Race.
I bet you didn't know that when Speilberg made the series about an intrepid archaeologist fighting against a Nazi unit seeking to get the power objects of history the tale was based on fact.
Preparation: Invite all who attend to place in the center of the ritual site their power objects (medicine bags, special pieces of jewelry, crystals, totems, etc.
The Workgroup software components automatically connect client applications on Windows PCs with networked Oracle databases, while the Oracle Power Objects toolset allows users to create applications by connecting ready-made software objects.
Calling sacred power objects "magical devices" demeans them, strips them of spirituality, and relegates them to the realm of make believe.