power injector

pow·er in·jec·tor

an injector for rapid contrast medium injection in angiography or computed tomography.
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While many contrast media power injector systems are physically connected to the scanner, which transfers the data directly into the injector, other injector systems are IT-enabled, with hardware and software built into the system.
With the interlocking feature, users no longer have to deal with conventional single-port power injector solutions that do not interlock and often cause troublesome entanglement of wires as new devices are added.
While departments and colleges do pay a monthly maintenance fee and an installation fee per access point, that simply covers the cost of our labor and the hardware, which includes the access point, power injector, and antennas.
Worldwide Computer Products News-19 September 2001-Agere Systems releases single-port Active Ethernet power injector (C)1995-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
This makes the procedure cumbersome and requires the physician to use either physical hand pressure to administer the contrast, or to utilize a mechanical power injector, which only delivers a fixed dose.
BDI) is voluntarily initiating a Class I recall of nine (9) lots of Isovue[R] (iopamidol injection) Pre-Filled Power Injector Syringes (Isovue PFS, to be used in combination with Stellant[R] CT Injection Systems) due to the presence of visible particles in syringes observed at the end of standard stability studies on retained samples.
Competitive PoE Ethernet Extender products operate as a simple passive power injector and always apply power to RJ45 port pins.
The new single-port ORiNOCO Active Ethernet, power injector, for smaller wireless networks, enables an access point to obtain power and its data connection over a single standard Ethernet cable, rather than requiring two separate cables.
The Active Ethernet power injector device inserts the DC power onto the Ethernet cable and is available in two models -- one that is capable of handling twelve ORiNOCO Access Points and one for six Access Points.
The Si3480MS8-KIT development kit implements an 8-port midspan power injector with an intelligent power management LED display, enabling detailed evaluation of the Si3452 in conjunction with the Si3480 8-port power manager.
The BBWF solution demo for FTTdp is fully reverse powered, based on a customer premise power injector adaptor developed by Aethra Telecommunications.
A development kit is also available which includes a USB JTAG Flash programmer, a passive PoE power injector, power supply, cables and software development CD.