Potato Chip

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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine cut with benzocaine
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Oishi, another snack manufacturer, is giving Jack 'n Jill a run for their money with a line of ridged potato chips called Ridges (in flavors like barbecue, wasabi, and onion and garlic), and Pringles-like Potato Crisps (the tomato ketchup variant is the tastiest).
Biomass, producer and importer of organic foods since 2007, began its first trials for organic potato chips in April 2015 and introduced two flavors of classic cut potato chips (thyme and garlic) in 125 gram transparent bags in late 2015.
The Vegetarian Resource Group received an email inquiry from a European reader about the amount of water needed to produce one bag of potato chips listed in our Save Our Water the Vegetarian Way brochure: http://www.
Employees filled Wachusett potato chip bags as usual.
Packaged in resealable bags sporting light-hearted doodles, the line ranges from traditional potato chips and restaurant-style tortilla chips to crunchy kettle-style chips in a variety of flavors.
The most common characteristic was most likely the type of snack: they were all potato chips.
Plus, Garden of Eatin' Potato Chips are all natural and kosher certified.
Just as the segment is marked by a wide variety of flavors, it has a range of what an SFA spokesman calls potato chip types.
Potato chips that contain the no-cal olestra end up having less than half the calories and none of the fat contained in regular chips.
Initially, Rap Snacks potato chips came in two flavors, Bar-B-Quing With My Honey (Lindsay's No.
We made sure that the taste and flavor were just right that you'll want to finish the entire bag,' says Co, a self-confessed potato chip connoisseur.
Utz announced it intends "to increase the potato chip output in this plant, as additional assets and manufacturing equipment are added to manufacture the Utz brand of potato chips in Fitchburg.