potassium chlorate

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po·tas·si·um chlo·rate

mouthwash and gargle used in stomatitis and follicular pharyngitis; it is incompatible in the dry state with all easily oxidizable substances.
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The indicators 2,3'-diphenylamine dicarboxylic acid, diphenylamine sulfonic acid, and diphenylamine were exposed to potassium chlorate to investigate the result as it applies to visual detection and screening.
They also recalled seizure of 14000 kilograms of Potassium Chlorate (PC) which the LEAs recovered from a cargo bus from the neighbourhood of Western bypass near Hazar Ganji bus-area of Quetta on December 2nd last.
Potassium chlorate, for example, made matches and sparklers possible.
Barbero said that US forces have also noticed the growing use by insurgents in Afghanistan of potassium chlorate, which he said was illegally imported into Pakistan to produce matches or for use in the textile industry.
The bombs used in the incident contained 15 per cent RDX and TNT and 85 per cent potassium chlorate and sulphur.
We filled the enlarged hollowpoints with grease or cap gun powder mixed with potassium chlorate.
At that time, the police recovered over 1,000 bomb detonators, 25 sacks of potassium chlorate weighing 30 kilograms each, four boxes of trinitrotoluene, 65 detonators, 11 shoulder-launched rockets, about 15,000 rounds of ammunition, two M-16s, timers, batteries, maps and books on how to make bombs.
This consisted of mixing potassium chlorate with sugar and a nitrate of a metal such as zinc or copper for colour.
The explosives, consisting of trinitrotoluene, potassium chlorate, sulfur and aluminum powder, were transported by a white delivery cargo van, the same vehicle used in the bombing attack, Bachtiar said.
Padmanegara also said that beside the exploded bomb, police confiscated three bags containing half-kilogram of potassium chlorate each, a sack containing 30 kg of potassium chlorate and another bag containing 1.
Various Fireworks Associations have informed that these smuggled items include the chemical Potassium Chlorate which is a dangerous and hazardous chemical and can ignite or explode spontaneously.
The 41-year-old mechanic has admitted to transporting 600 kilograms of a potentially explosive potassium chlorate mixture to Bali from his hometown on eastern Java Island, though he has denied that he or his group was involved in the blasts.

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