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Impure potassium carbonate.
Synonym(s): pearl-ash
[E. pot-ashes]


(pot'ash?) [Dutch potasschan, pot ashes] Potassium carbonate.
Potash can refer to other salts of potassium as well.
CAS # 584-08-7

caustic potash

Potassium hydroxide.

sulfurated potash

A liver-colored or green-yellow substance made up of potassium thiosulfate and potassium polysulfides and containing 12.8% sulfur as a sulfide; a principal ingredient of white lotion.

potash, potassa

chemically speaking, potassium hydrate, a strong caustic. In farming terms, potassium carbonate as it is mixed into fertilizers to redress a deficiency of potassium in the soil.
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Allana holds a concession to mine potash in Ethiopia, through its subsidiary, Allana Potash Afar Plc.
November 2012 The proposed East Cleveland route of the project's 45km potash pipeline is revealed - and with it, a chance for communities to have their say.
Given its enormity, we argue that the new Uralkali may have difficulty finding a home for every tonne of potash produced.
Shareholders should note that it is proposed to make application to list Potash.
However, falling demand for potash led to a round of voluntary redundancies with 94 people leaving the business under the scheme.
The new duties would cover potash and potash containing additional fertilising elements, with a potassium content of 35%-62%.
Jos Suarez, president of Mining & Metallurgy at SNC said, Working on both Valleyfield and Blawn Mountain projects consolidates our position as one of the top players in the fertilizers and the potash industry, and we are enthusiastic to have Potash Ridge benefit from our global expertise on these exciting projects.
They say the agreement, with a New York-based Institutional Investor, further endorses the York Potash as a major infrastrucure project.
K+S Potash Canada is a subsidiary of Germany's K+S Group, one of the world's leading suppliers of standard and specialty fertilizers.
K+S's indirect unit, K+S Canada Holdings Inc, is now a 100% owner of Potash One, whose shares were acquired at a cash price of CAD4.
Yesterday Acron (AKRN RX - Hold) and Dorogobuzh (DGBZ RX - Buy) signed new contracts with Uralkali (URKA LI - Under Review) that will see potash supplies for the production of export-oriented NPK set at a minimum net-back export price (up from the previous one that was equal to that used for domesticoriented- NPK).
BEIJING: Chinese officials have ordered state companies to meet investment bankers to explore ways to block BHP Billiton s $39 billion (25 billion pound) bid for Potash Corp, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said.