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Control - Indego uses postural position to operate and includes vibratory feedback, LED indicators and a wireless software interface.
According to doctors, a correct postural position is one that maintains the natural curves of your back without straining your muscles or causing pain.
Although statistically significant changes were not demonstrated across all five incremental levels, the conclusion was made that DCF muscle retraining in a more functional upright postural position was provisionally useful.
The best putters stay extremely still over every putt and maintain their head and postural position often until the ball has reached the hole.
Jon Senkowsky, American cardiovascular surgeon, following numerous blood flow trials on NuBax seating, the ProBax seat technology was found to significantly improve the postural position of the spine.
These 'core' muscles are now offering your new postural position some support.
Following numerous blood flow trials with ProBax(R), we found the seating design technology to improve the postural position of the spine and significantly increase lower limb blood flow," said Jon Senkowsky, M.
The foam-based AeroBax(R) technology improves the postural position of an individual while seated, significantly enhancing comfort by maintaining the natural curvature of the spine.
This results in clinicians struggling to see into the oral cavity by twisting into awkward postural positions.