postural imbalance

postural imbalance,

n any condition wherein optimal distribution of body mass is not achieved or maintained.
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Postural imbalance with head extension: improvement by training as a model for ataxia therapy.
Indications for surgery in such patients include slip progression, significant deformity and postural imbalance, neurologic deficit and/or cauda equina syndrome, and imaging confirmed radiculopathy unresponsive to conservative treatment
Primary motor symptoms such as tremor, bradykinesia and postural imbalance and non-motor symptoms, such as sleep, speech and cognitive disorders, will be evaluated with data captured by light, unobtrusive, co-operative, mobile devices: sensor insoles, a wristband and the patients or caregivers (the role of which is of paramount importance) smartphone.
Vestibular impairment and adaptive postural imbalance in parkinsonian patients with lateral trunk flexion," Movement Disorders, vol.
Postural imbalance without other neurological symptoms (phobic postural vertigo>bilateral vestibulopathy)
In fact, it is the most common cause of postural imbalance in the elderly.
Brandt T, Krafczyk S and Malsbenden I (1981): Postural imbalance with head extension: Improvement by training as a model for ataxia therapy.
On neurological examination the patient had an abnormal gait with postural imbalance and a tendency to fall.
Earlier data had suggested benzodiazepine use might raise the risk of hip fracture in elderly patients, with postural imbalance associated with benzodiazepine use, possibly leading to more falls and hip fractures in a population already at risk for hip fracture.
Not only did the pain subside, but the man's postural imbalance was restored, as well,
Former skipper Tony Adams has been a patient for the man who explains his work by saying: "I work on postural imbalance, which puts the muscular chain out of order.