postural balance

postural balance,

n optimally distributed body mass relative to the force of gravity.
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Studies investigating the effects of limb dominance in healthy sedentary individuals without any physical training experience mostly focused on ankle strength and postural balance (17-19).
Postural balance in women with osteoporosis and effective factors.
Postural balance in a random sample of 7,979 subjects aged 30 years and over.
A few studies (5-9) exist that have focused on postural balance in patients with AS, but these produced conflicting results.
Available exoskeletons lack the ability to correct or assist postural balance and due to size, weight and controls; they often impede balance.
The exercise program included aerobic exercise, muscle strength training, and postural balance retraining.
In addition, several studies have reported that workers with occupational exposure to lead have significantly poorer postural balance responses than do unexposed workers (Chia et al.
A teacher of the principle starts by helping you develop an awareness of these postural mistakes and teaches you how to release tension patterns all over the body which, in turn, leads to better postural balance.
Posturography as an examination method is measuring of postural balance in static or dynamic conditions.
The researchers studied the effects of soccer on muscle strength, postural balance, bone mineral density and reflex response to a sudden push in the back among adult women and men.
In the present paper the postural balance of the healthy volunteers and the patients with some spine and joint pathology has been studied by posturographic examination of their 2-legged and 1-legged quiet standing with opened and closed eyes.