postnatal life

post·na·tal life

that interval of life after birth; in humans, usually divided into periods: neonatal, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
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This condition is incompatible with postnatal life.
2003), we also tested whether continued oral Mn exposure throughout postnatal life exacerbated the effects of the early postnatal exposure.
An early-onset GBS sepsis episode was defined based on positive blood cultures in the first 72 h of postnatal life.
But if the genesis of the disease is visible as a disruption of gut microbiota in the very earliest stages of postnatal life, it raises an exciting question: could we reengineer the community of microbes in at-risk infants to prevent allergic asthma from developing?
Pathophysiologic changes begin during fetal and / or early postnatal life, followed by delayed onset of symptoms.
Depending on the cause of perforation, peritonitis may resolve in utero or persist in the postnatal life.
The result of this study indicates that exposure of rats to noise stress during third week of postnatal life significantly decreases both neuronal number in the granule cells and somal volume of purkinje cells in the cerebellum.
That's what you learn from your antenatal yoga class that you can take to postnatal life.
Persistence of arrhythmia in postnatal life increases the risk of neonatal and infant death.
We found that when the HC rat undergoes metabolic reprogramming for development of obesity in early postnatal life, and then is subjected to moderate caloric restriction, similar to when an individual goes on a diet, the programming is only suppressed, not erased," he stated.
The studies were done using human bone marrow, which contains all the stem cells that produce blood during postnatal life.
The first section discusses the pattern of growth in the intrauterine and postnatal life, its role in development of heart and relation to bone growth.