postnatal life

post·na·tal life

that interval of life after birth; in humans, usually divided into periods: neonatal, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
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To date, potential pathways of transgenerational transmission have focused on the offspring s exposure to unfavorable conditions in postnatal life (i.
Subsequent research shows that focusing only on fetal lung maturity is not sufficient to determine a baby's readiness for postnatal life, according to the authors.
That's what you learn from your antenatal yoga class that you can take to postnatal life.
We found that when the HC rat undergoes metabolic reprogramming for development of obesity in early postnatal life, and then is subjected to moderate caloric restriction, similar to when an individual goes on a diet, the programming is only suppressed, not erased," he stated.
Given the epidemiological evidence suggesting that ambient air pollution is associated with cognitive dysfunctions and other behavioral impairments, as well as with adverse impacts in regions and neurotransmitters within the frontostriatal CNS circuitry, we sought to determine if CAPS exposure during early postnatal life in mice would alter responding to delayed reward assessed using a fixed-ratio waiting-for-reward (FR wait) paradigm previously shown to be sensitive to other toxicants (Bowen and McDonald 2009; Brockel and Cory-Slechta 1998, 1999).
The studies were done using human bone marrow, which contains all the stem cells that produce blood during postnatal life.
The first section discusses the pattern of growth in the intrauterine and postnatal life, its role in development of heart and relation to bone growth.
There is a large body of evidence demonstrating the influence of the in utero environment on growth trajectory in postnatal life.
Meant for exam study or as a clinical resource, this reference from the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses covers the most common neonatal disorders and their management, as well as factors that affect the fetus and its postnatal life, and the principles of quality care and professional practice.
Myelination is principally a postnatal process, with rapid proliferation during the first 2 years of postnatal life, and continuing through early adolescence.
DHA in particular is required for the normal development of the human brain during pregnancy and in early postnatal life.
The effects of natural dietary carotenoid supplementation of the maternal diet (tomato powder and marigold extract) on transfer to the egg yolk and on the development of the antioxidant system of the young quail liver in early postnatal life were investigated.