postmortem changes

postmortem changes, changes that occur after death.
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Postmortem changes in phosphorylation of metabolic enzymes in relation to the RN-genotype.
An important feature in this section is the extensive postmortem information that includes reports and references to postmortem changes in blood concentrations that can occur.
Our use of 1-step PCR protocols (2) failed to sequence any viral fragment, probably because of postmortem changes and subsequent viral RNA degradation by ribonucleases, which progress rapidly in large whales because of their body features and size and thus affect the integrity of the DMV genome.
Her current focus is in the area of forensic taphonomy - the study of the postmortem changes to human remains, focusing largely on environmental effects such as decomposition.
This study has important implications for understanding the molecular mechanism of postmortem changes and for developing predictive models suitable for determining the freshness and shelf life of shrimp.
epidemiology, trends, sources, production processes, common methods of misuse); toxicokinetics; histopathology and pathophysiology (autopsies, postmortem changes associated with drug abuse); clinical response; diagnostic testing; and treatment.
The reason for lower values of wall thickness in our study is the postmortem changes since postmortem changes and decomposition are always present at autopsy7.
Critical evaluation of postmortem changes in human autopsy cisternal fluid--enzymes, electrolytes, acid-base balance, glucose and glycolysis, free amino acids and ammonia: correlation to total brain ischemia.
An overview of anatomy and physiology precedes coverage of autopsy, postmortem changes and determination of time of death, identification of human remains, and major causes of death (including natural causes, drug-related, blunt force, gunshot, and drowning, among others).
In addition, we examined postmortem changes in phase angle in fish to illustrate how phase angle reflects membrane integrity and water balance.
Such postmortem changes in CSF protein may result from cell death, breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, or other events that are initiated when an individual dies.