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First, I explore the bureaucratic origins of interest group organization, illustrate how and why groups like the postmasters associations and co-ops were mobilized during the era of LDP dominance (1955-1993), and identify the electoral functions that these groups performed.
For Carolyn Lee, being postmaster is "more than putting a stamp on a letter.
Brands, advertisers, publishers, and emailers will benefit from the addition of Postmaster Direct's double opt-in email marketing and voluntary, self-cleaning lists that will monetize quicker and more efficiently.
He produced a carrier bag and asked the postmaster to fill it with cash, but he refused.
The new postmaster has set some goals: active involvement with customers, employees and the community.
POSTMASTERS celebrated after their branches were spared the axe.
One of them had what appeared to be a handgun and threatened the postmaster.
Simi Valley Postmaster Sue Morris said she anticipates thousands of people seeking first-day cancellations on what should be one of the biggest first-day stamp issues in history.
The masked men targeted rural sub-post offices where the postmaster or postmistress lived on site or nearby, Chester crown court was told.
I've just gotten a subscription from the postmaster of the Republic of Kiribati, which World War II veterans will remember as Tarawa.
Maybe it doesn't have as big a place as we thought five years ago,' conceded Postmaster General Preston Tisch in September.
NEW YORK -- Return Path announced today that it has added three top-tier online publishers to its Postmaster Network.