posthypnotic suggestion

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1. the act of offering an idea for action or for consideration of action.
2. an idea so offered.
3. in psychiatry, the process of causing uncritical acceptance of an idea.
hypnotic suggestion one imparted to a person in the hypnotic state.
posthypnotic suggestion implantation in the mind of a subject during hypnosis of a suggestion to be acted upon after recovery from the hypnotic state.

post·hyp·not·ic sug·ges·tion

suggestion given to a subject under hypnosis for certain actions to be performed after the subject is "awakened" from the hypnotic trance.

posthypnotic suggestion

A suggestion made to a hypnotized person that specifies an action to be performed after awakening, often in response to a cue.

posthypnotic suggestion

Etymology: L, post, after; Gk, hypnos, sleep; L, suggerere, to suggest
an action suggested to a hypnotized subject during a trance that the subject carries out on awakening from the trance. The action is in response to a cue, and the subject usually does not know why he or she is performing it.

posthypnotic suggestion

Hypnosis The interjection of an 'alien' thought into the mind of a Pt undergoing hypnosis, which would compel him to commit an act that he would not normally commit. PS: Commonly occurs in grade B movies. See Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy.

hyp·not·ic sug·ges·tion

(hip-not'ik sŭg-jes'chŭn)
A direction given to a hypnotized subject for an activity that occurs during the trance or after; subject is not aware of such order and is purported to follow such direction regardless (e.g., smoking cessation).
Synonym(s): posthypnotic suggestion.

posthypnotic suggestion

A command to a hypnotized person to perform a specified action after restoration from the hypnotic state.

posthypnotic suggestion,

n technique used during a hypnotic session to control the future behavior of the patient. The patient may be directed to act in a particular way under a given set of circumstances. See also hypnosis.
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