posterior surface

pos·te·ri·or sur·face

the surface of a part of the body that faces toward the posterior part of the body. TA recognizes a posterior surface as part of the following structures: arytenoid cartilage, cornea, eyelid, fibula, humerus, iris, kidney, lens, pancreas, petrous part of temporal bone, prostate, radius, scapula, suprarenal gland, tibia, ulna, and uterus.
Synonym(s): facies posterior [TA]
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2) The use of hydrodissection to separate the posterior surface of the prostate from the anterior rectal wall in salvage ablation procedures has greatly reduced the risk of rectal injury.
Propodeum dull, reticulate rugose, without longitudinal keels on posterior surface; dorsal surface more than twice as long as posterior surface (35:15).
Histopathology was reported as mature cystic teratoma in specimens from the posterior surface of the uterus and nodules in the diaphragm, Morison's pouch and the infrahepatic region.
A Type 2 designation was given if the lateral facet was larger than the medial facet (the most common type), and Type 3 designation was given if the lateral facet comprised the majority of the posterior surface.
Femora yellow apically; fore femur with row of 1-3 posterodorsal setae subapically, 3-5 posterior setae, 6 ventral setae; mid femur with row of 1-3 short anterodistal setae in distal part, 3 short anteroventral setae subapically, 2 posteroventral setae subapically; hind femur with no outstanding setae, posterior surface devoid of pruinosity; hind femur slightly enlarged relative to other femora, with fore femur slightly enlarged relative to mid femur.
Secondly, there is no significant elevation of the posterior surface of the cornea.
Previous researches referring to pedicle screw drill templates use as references the middle of the posterior surface of the spinous process at its thickest and the most posterior boundary of the spinal canal for determining the coordinates for assessing the accuracy of implantation [Porada, et al.
Therefore, in general, there is no problem in using arthromteres at mid and deep knee flexion angles except that with the patella seated deeply in the femoral groove, a smaller patellar posterior surface is available for contacting with the patellar pad.
The right branch extended on the posterior surface of the right ventricle while the left branch either continued in the posterior interventricular sulcus or on the posterior surface of the left ventricle (Fig.
Because the needle is aimed at the nerve's course across the posterior surface of humerus, the technique appears very reliable, despite needle insertion depths of up to 9 cm.
Posterior surface of spermathecae with ventrally situated duct (Fig.
Subjects were randomized to receive an 8 minute administration of lidocaine plus epinephrine (Treatment Arm) or epinephrine alone (Placebo-Control Arm) at the site of insertion of an intravenous catheter into the posterior surface of the subject's hand.

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