posterior surface

pos·te·ri·or sur·face

the surface of a part of the body that faces toward the posterior part of the body. TA recognizes a posterior surface as part of the following structures: arytenoid cartilage, cornea, eyelid, fibula, humerus, iris, kidney, lens, pancreas, petrous part of temporal bone, prostate, radius, scapula, suprarenal gland, tibia, ulna, and uterus.
Synonym(s): facies posterior [TA]
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mustelinus and, contrary to that of this latter species, bears numerous, strong, dentations on both its inner and its outer surfaces; 6) the ento-ectopterygoid is markedly bifurcated anteriorly; 7) the posterior surface of the scapulocoracoid is pierced by a small, circular foramen in which lodges the anterior condyle of the pectoral spine when this latter is abducted; 8) the dorsal condyle of the pectoral spine presents a well-developed, triangular anterior process; 9) the posterior process of the parieto-supraoccipital is considerably more developed than that of H.
No descriptions of axillary nerve block were available in the literature, so a technique for blocking this nerve as it travels across the posterior surface of the humerus was developed and is described along with a discussion of the author's initial clinical experience
The evaluation of the posterior surface of the heart and the coronary vessels is at best difficult.
Goethals and Lillie (2) report removing a schwannoma (neurilemoma) from the left upper posterior surface of the epiglottis in a 23-year-old man presenting with hoarseness and dysphagia.
Coloration in alcohol: Upper surfaces slate with little indication of pattern (scattered darker markings on lower back, traces of a pale interorbital bar, fragments of limb bars); side of head darker without facial markings except for cream line along upper lip (Figure 2); brown supratympanic stripe; brown blotch on posterior flank, extending into groin and along of thigh; comparable blotch over most of posterior surface of thigh, bearing cream flecks or not; venter cream, heavily mottled with brown; throat somewhat darker than venter; underside of shank brown with cream flecks or not.
The specimens were then rotated 180[degrees] so that the posterior surface of the ulna faced upward and then were loaded to simulate the effect of the triceps muscle.
The lens' full diffractive posterior surface allows a full range of quality vision, independent of pupil size.
34) In another study, the posterior surface of a hydrophobic IOL was coated with N-vinyl pyrrolidone, a hydrophilic monomer, in order to obtain a hydrophilic posterior surface, and it was reported that the hydrophilic posterior surface increased uveal biocompatibility while the hydrophobic anterior surface increased capsular biocompatibility.
The lower head was inferomedial to the upper head taking origin from the lower part of the posterior surface of lateral condyle of femur (Type 5 origin).
1 anterior setae; posterior surface E1-4 and L1 slightly spinelike (Fig.
For these reasons, we propose securing the knot of the cerclage tape to the posterior surface of the cervical "core" by placing a figure of 8 using bright blue Prolene #1 (Ethicon) to prevent slippage and help call attention to the knot when the time for removal comes.

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