posterior probability

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pos·te·ri·or prob·a·bil·i·ty

the best rational assessment of the probability of an outcome on the basis of established knowledge modified and brought up to date.
See also: prior probability, Bayes theorem.
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One N2 clade (clade N2-a, Figure 4) is defined by 100% posterior probability support and 90% bootstrap support (online Technical Appendix Figure 3) and comprises 6 Brazilian swIAVs: A/swine/Brazil/185-11-7/2011(H1N2), A/swine/Brazil/31-11-1/2011 (H1N2), A/ swine/Brazil/2 3 2-11-13/2011 (H1N2), A/swine/Brazil/232-11-14/2011(H1N2), A/swine/Brazil/355-11-6/2011(H3N2), and A/swine/Brazil/365-11-7/2011(H3N2) (Table 1).
That is maximizing the posterior probability is also equal to the minimization of the posterior energy function.
The pronounced tail towards larger values in the posterior probability distribution of [V.
i]) and the posterior probability for each attribute value P([X.
To maximize the posterior probability P(F|X,Y) minimizing the Negative Log-Marginal Likelihood (NLML) and combining PSO are approaches employed with the goal of having the most likely hyper-parameter during the minimization process.
21 as females when the posterior probability was set at 0.
Together with monotypic section Collinsiae (endemic to shaded peatlands in eastern North America), these two disparate groups form clade C1, which has 100% bootstrap support and clade posterior probability of 1.
m]} (for example the decision criteria like the importance of the operation), that are independent, the posterior probability for different propositions (optimal decision) can be calculated using equation (1) (Bretthorst, 1988).
2](i, j, m, i', j', m') be the posterior probability of a good manager given that the first period cash flow [[gamma].
0 posterior probability Bayesian support, and Bremer support of 7 steps.
All three reductions occur considerably earlier than in the GDP results of GKV, where the posterior probability of a substantial revision fell sharply between 1994Q1 and 1995Q2.
To present the true unknown concentration of the substance S in the well under consideration, it is frequently more convenient to put a range (or interval) which contains most of the posterior probability.

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