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The anterior ethmoidal foramen may be reached by deeper injection along the medial orbital wall, then carried down and backwards to upper half of the posterior lacrimal crest, then slightly withdrawn directed temporally, and an injection of 0.
Exposure of the sac: The lacrimal fascia was splitted from anterior lacrimal crest and the sac was separated from lacrimal fossa posteriorly upto posterior lacrimal crest, superiorly upto fundus and inferiorly upto the junction of nasolacrimal duct.
Relating the position of the posterior lacrimal crest with the uninvolved side, we then took a hand drill with a 1.
We directed our drilling from a position posterior and superior to the lacrimal fossa on the involved side to the superior portion of the lacrimal fossa between the anterior and posterior lacrimal crests on the contralateral side, while noting the level of the anterior ethmoid artery.

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