posterior component

posterior component,

n a description of the position of one side of a vertebra after it has rotated. In left rotation of the spine, the anterior component is the left side and vice versa.
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The posterior component separation technique has also been introduced as a modification of the Rives-Stoppa technique allowing for significant posterior rectus fascia advancement, wide lateral dissection and a large space for mesh sublay.
Transversus abdominis muscle release: a novel approach to posterior component separation during complex abdominal wall reconstruction.
The Circle of Willis was assessed for its completeness along with anatomical variations of anterior and posterior components of the circle.
From this discovery, my Posterior Components Separation Technique (PCST) was developed.
About 7 to 25% of osteoblastomas involve the spine (3) and it commonly tends to involve the posterior components including the pedicle in most cases, in contrast to other benign tumors, which often involve the vertebral body (4).
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