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Postoperative: post-op care; post-op complications.
1. A postoperative patient.
2. A section of a hospital providing postoperative treatment.

postoperative (post-op)

Etymology: L, post + operari, to work
pertaining to the period of time after surgery. It begins with the patient's emergence from anesthesia and continues through the time required for the acute effects of the anesthetic and surgical procedures to abate.
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This study delivers evidence that post-op complications are the single most significant risk factor causing hospital readmission.
o Send all necessary patient correspondence, including all of the above, from iPad during post-op consult.
The Wilson Post-Op Shirt promotes and facilitates independence for post-operative patients.
Traditional post-op recovery lasts six to eight weeks and follows the immobilization and non-weightbearing protocol.
Liese was stunned when two months later she saw what the metal plates resembled in a post-op x-ray.
Pitt told the publication that he was amazed with his wife-to-be as she kept all her commitments along with her post-op recovery.
In her claim, the woman demanded the hospital and the doctor in charge of her post-op follow-up be tried indicting them for negligence and failing to provide her with the right medical care.
He comes in everyday, and he's doing okay, it's a sixmonth injury, but he's filled all the post-op criteria.
I've had him for some time and we did all the post-op work.
In fact, what I have heard from other parents is that surgery for scoliosis-even though indicated for their child, even though it would certainly be done for a typical child with identical medical findings-is often NOT done because the surgeon/parents are not aware of ways to enable a safe post-op recovery.
org, an online information and support group for those with meningioma brain tumors, started posting post-op pictures of shaved heads of members so those with upcoming surgeries would know what to expect.
Resurfacing does not allow for increased physical activity; the procedure is almost as invasive as hip replacement surgery; and you still run the risk of dislocating the hip post-op.