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n the control or custody of anything that may be the subject of property as owner or as one who has a qualified right in it.
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And it is because we possess these individual branches of knowledge that we are said to be such and such.
Still it is thought, though it is not certain, that we occasionally see the actual surface of this orb, an advantage we do not possess as respects any other of the heavenly bodies, with the exception of the moon and Mars.
Prince Andrew said that for that work an education in jurisprudence was needed which he did not possess.
Delamayn's private affairs, which the rest of us don't possess.
Dubai: A visitor has been jailed for four years for smuggling 194 methadone pills and 20 half-tablets of the same drug that he claimed to possess for medical purposes.
Plasterer Sean Maguire, 27, from Pemberley Road, Acocks Green, and company director Samir Rehman, 28, from Centurian Drive, Streetly, were charged with conspiracy to possess a firearm and conspiracy to possess ammunition.
Japan's top government spokesman said Monday that Japan will never possess nuclear weapons, flatly dismissing a suggestion made by former Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa on Sunday that Japan should promote discussions on the possibility of going nuclear.
During the raids police found an air rifle fitted with a silencer, a weapon which required the owner to possess a licence from the police.
Cruz Arambula-Lara, 37, of Springfield, charged with knowingly conspiring to possess and distribute 50 grams or more of a mixture of meth.
5 feet and having brains about standard size for modern humans, possess skeletal features originally described by Brown's team as unique to Flo's kind, Eckhardt asserts.
In actuality, disability and giftedness are far from separate; in fact, many students possess both disabilities and giftedness.
Different grades of rubber possess differing degrees of cold flow.