positive transference

pos·i·tive trans·fer·ence

transference characterized by predominantly friendly, respectful, and positive feelings on the part of the patient toward the analyst.
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For instance, someone who meets the object of a positive transference often flash a brief smile.
Freud (3) likewise refers to positive transference (related to love) and negative transference (hostility).
In an effort to engage, to effect positive transference, or to emanate unconditional positive regard toward their clients, behavioral healthcare providers insert so much of their own persona into treatment that standardization as made possible through EHRs becomes objectionable on the face.
It creates a positive transference, as patients are grateful that they have been helped to not destroy marriages, lose jobs, or hurt their children.
The authors conceptualized the working alliance as positive transference, viewing career and personal issues as central themes and termination as a corrective experience.

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