positive interactions

positive interactions,

n.pl 1. consequences occurring when multiple substances taken concurrently complement each other, for example, when one nutrient supplement alleviates a deficiency created by another medication or supplement.
2. interpersonal situations charac-terized by caring, kindness, respect, and trust.
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Students "tattle" to the teacher about their positive interactions with the ostracized student.
Staff involve themselves in children's play and they use these positive interactions to engage children in conversations.
Political foundations between the mainland and Taiwan should be consolidated and positive interactions should continue," Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, was quoted as saying at a press conference in Beijing.
Connect with others | - positive interactions with the people around you and investing in relationships can help create a supportive social network and sense of community.
We enjoy teaching fire safety through positive interactions with both children and adults'' Lt.
With its new police livery, the 911 will be used as a community engagement vehicle, attending charity events, schools and youth programs with the intention of promoting positive interactions between police and the community.
In separate meetings with outgoing Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Qazanfar Roknabadi on Tuesday, Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri extended their full support for Tehran's logical and positive interactions with the world and regional states, and described Iran's foreign policy as one of the major caused of restoration of security in the region, particularly in Lebanon.
Koski and co-author Jorg Massen of the University of Vienna found that chimpanzee buddies are similar to human friends in the sense that both need emotionally rewarding, positive interactions with friends, and these connections result in durable and mutually beneficial bonds.
These more positive interactions are internalized intrapersonally (within a person), with direct, corresponding impact on the person's self-esteem.
Essays include case studies, current research and analysis, and policy recommendations for the fostering of positive interactions between stationary and migratory communities.
As a result of positive interactions with UAE Agribusinesses, the Agriculture department Sindh has taken this initiative to promote export of mangoes from Sindh in the UAE market.
This Japanese-based training provides skills for relaxation, calmness, concentration, personal health and positive interactions.

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