positive identification

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positive identification

the unconscious modeling of one's personality on that of another who is admired and esteemed. See also identification.

positive identification

A forensic term of art referring to the definitive determination that a body is that of a specified person.

Identification of decedent
Universal means of positive identification
Fingerprints, comparison of dental records, DNA analysis.

Contingently accepted means of positive identification
Visualisation of the body by next-of-kin and presence of unique body features in the forms of scars and tattoos.

Circumstantial identification
Drivers licence, clothing, location (e.g., body found in his or her own car).
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Russell said he supports restoring the full identification process, but said the department would need permission to hire three additional fingerprint specialists to handle the extra workload of print comparisons for positive identification.
The contract signed today by all parties gives Deep Blue Marine the right, under an existing Admiralty Claim, to recover enough artifacts from the wreck site to provide a positive identification as to the ship located there.
The woman's name is being withheld until a positive identification can be made and family members notified.
RFID provides a means for positive identification and trace-back of objects that have been identified with a Low Frequency (LF) microchip or RFID tag.
A positive identification and official cause of death are expected to be disclosed by the coroner sometime today or Thursday, said Deputy Benita Nichol of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
RFID provides a means for positive identification and trace-back of animals or objects that have been identified with a microchip or RFID tag.

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