positive feedback loop

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pos·i·tive feed·back loop

(posi-tiv fēdbak lūp)
A process in which a change from the normal range of function elicits a response that amplifies or enhances that change.
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Second, the positive feedback loop resulting from counterterrorism law enforcement produces increasing systemic inefficiencies that (1) do not reduce data noise or reveal real criminal patterns; (2) reinforce the preconceived notion that such law enforcement does reduce noise and reveal patterns; and (3), as a result of (1) and (2), often lead to inaccurate targeting of suspects (either as false positives or false negatives).
17) Here Solomon is invoking the possibility of stratospheric water vapor acting as a negative feedback loop and countering the positive feedback loop from increasing tropospheric water vapor.
These are positive feedback loops, and it may not be possible for us to stop them or even foresee them.
You get a positive feedback loop started," she says, "whereby a small decrease in productivity in the lakes can cycle through all these factors and impact [yet] another aspect of the fish life-history cycle.
A positive feedback loop was created: peat, covering the limestone bedrock, built deep deposits that were supported, and in turn nourished, by a sea of sawgrass.
But as the GAO and others have shown, good hiring generates a positive feedback loop.
Interfering with [beta]-2 receptors through the use of a nonselective [beta]-blocker might be expected to break up this positive feedback loop and prevent syncope, explained Dr.
123) mistaken conception of the positive feedback loop is
Once motivated to action by negative vision, the simultaneous ability to demonstrate the benefits of pursuing the positive vision can create some early benefits and initiate a positive feedback loop.
When women saw that they really were more aroused, their expectations rose, creating a positive feedback loop.
However, because company B owns some of Company A's shares, company B's shares would go up again and so forth in a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop.
Working in combination, these triggers create a positive feedback loop for the learner.

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