positive energy balance

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pos·i·tive en·er·gy bal·ance

(poz'i-tiv en'ĕr-jē bal'ăns)
When energy output is less than energy consumption and results in increased body weight.

energy balance

the condition when energy intake equals energy expenditure, so that there is neither increase nor decrease in body mass. See also energy requirement.
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Once rare achievements indeed, positive energy balances are now common among U.
Test site at La Defense complex near Paris launches algae production for positive energy balance in buildings
The energy performance of the main building, which will have to present an overall positive energy balance with renewable energy, local industries have to meet the thermal requirements of "Low Consumption Building" (BBC) and the thermal regulations 2012 (RT 2012 )
Since the 1950s, conventional wisdom on obesity has been that it is caused by a positive energy balance - in other words we get fat because we overeat.
From the most significant CO2 reduction of any biofuel produced in the world today, to a highly positive energy balance, to hundreds of thousands of jobs created, new technologies developed, and strong, visible and positive economic impacts throughout the economy, the production and use of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol is a highly successful and sustainable activity," counters Jank.
For instance, a positive energy balance of only 120 kcal per day, the equivalent of about one sugary drink, will lead to a 50kg increase in body mass over 10 years.
The Ennesys demonstration is designed to test the suitability of algae production in helping large commercial buildings achieve a positive energy balance and natural water management, as envisioned by France's RT 2020 sustainable energy framework.
In principle, a positive energy balance favouring weight gain could be reversed by targeting muscle KATP channels to control obesity in patients with low to moderate exercise capacity imposed by the overweight state,"Alekseev said.
Once it becomes commercially feasible to refine ethanol from plant cellulose, he said, E3 BioFuels will have a ready supply of cellulose already on site in the form of leftover material from the biogas digester unit, increasing the positive energy balance.
Biological Systems that Favor a Positive Energy Balance and Body Weight Increase in a World of Plenty
It actually provides a positive energy balance in addition to desalinating seawater.
For example, positive energy balance of only 5pc per day for an individual requiring 2,000 kcal/day could lead to a 10-lb weight gain in a single year.

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