positive cooperativity

pos·i·tive co·op·er·a·tiv·i·ty

cooperativity in which successive ligand molecules appear to bind with increasing affinity.
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In ligand-receptor binding kinetics, for example, the equation is strictly valid only for simultaneous binding of all ligand molecules; for the more likely sequential or independent binding schemes, it applies only for strong positive cooperativity [5,6].
While the noise-free Hill coefficient (h) provides a good estimate of the number of binding sites only when there is strong positive cooperativity [5,8] ([beta]<<1 in Eq.
This remarkably high Hill coefficient may imply multiple HXT binding sites exhibiting positive cooperativity.
When such binding occurs, a conformational change producing positive cooperativity would increase the on-rate of the receptor binding to the fiber.
3), indicating that these two monoclonals have an additive effect and no positive cooperativity.