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in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as deliberate placement of the patient or a body part to promote physiological and/or psychological well-being.
intraoperative positioning in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as moving the patient or body part to promote surgical exposure while reducing the risk of discomfort and complication.
neurologic positioning in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the achievement of optimal, appropriate body alignment for the patient experiencing or at risk for spinal cord injury or vertebral irritability.
wheelchair positioning in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the placement of a patient in a properly selected wheelchair to enhance comfort, promote skin integrity, and foster independence.


a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as deliberative placement of the patient or a body part to promote physiological and/or psychological well-being. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.


Osteopathy A method for determining, in a painful joint or muscle, the point of minimum pain; PT relaxes and relieves the pressure and strain on a musculoskeletal group and ↓ spasms. See Osteopathy Psychology Body language–eg, use of arms or crossed legs to face the other person and indicate to a potential sexual partner, interest in closing the physical space between 'preditor' and 'prey. '. See Preening behavior.


passive arrangement of the head, trunk or limbs in order to obtain the optimum x-ray image, or to make a physical clinical examination, e.g. palpation of the abdomen.

positioning equipment
devices to hold limbs or head and neck in a predetermined position for radiographic or other examination.

Patient discussion about positioning

Q. What she should do, if found positive? my wife who is 31 years, had breast cancer history in her family and I have advised her to have a test. She will have her test done next week. What she should do, if found positive?

A. I think you must pray that she is not positive, but if found positive let the doctor start the treatment and she should cooperate with doctor. She needs to learn about her problem and also the ways to cope them, like by having good diet and fitness, which she would require when the treatment or surgery will be done. Thanks ....and hope she is not positive…

Q. The HIV test came back POSITIVE! My very close friend 'Demonte'. One day in December as he was returning from a business trip, his wife met him at the airport with terrible news. During a routine pregnancy check up, her doctor had administered an HIV test along with other blood-work. The HIV test came back POSITIVE! The doctor wanted to begin administering drugs immediately but the cost of these drugs here when compared to their family income was prohibitive. I helped him with some of my savings. He already sold his favorite sentimental car to save his precious wife. Now i want to know is there any NATURAL medicine to cure this? Hope it costs less and available.

A. there are no effective natural remedy for HIV. the medications are very hard ones that try to control the virus from spreading (cannot eliminate it though). no herbal remedy or nutrition change will do that.

Q. is her2 positive more agressive than her2 negative? i know someone with her2 positive breast cancer and her doctor said it was more difficult to detect upon its return if it came back i want to know if it is true and what can she do to detect it earlier

A. Over-expression of her2/neu, a specific molecule in the breast cancer cell is indeed considered to convey worse prognosis, and suggest the need for chemotherapy and immunotherapy with Herceptin. However, the decision is much more complicated and should be made on case by case basis after consulting a professional.

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Chris Bannigan, Alstom's business manager for DPS, said: "We've been making dynamic positioning equipment at our Rugby site for more than 30 years.
THIEVES stole more than pounds 100,000 worth of camera, computer and global positioning equipment from television crews covering the presidential recount in Florida.
Rockwell Automation has completed the acquisition of Anorad Corp, a US provider of linear motor-based precision positioning equipment.
The global positioning equipment equipment will enable the conservancy to record and return to animal siting locations; assess key habitats; record exact locations of encroachments of conservancy property; calculate acreage; and identify and communicate to firefighting aircraft the location of fire hotspots.
Although premature babies have been fitted for positioning equipment, parents are likely to begin the process when their child is about six months old because of the increased need for and use of car seats, highchairs and strollers.
Topcon recently acquired GEOTOP, one of Europe's largest precise positioning equipment distributors.
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In addition, MODUTEC's small footprint helps conserve precious floor space while providing a large unobstructed surface area for positioning equipment, accessories, and shelving.