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THE NEXT evening the astral lamp was lighted earlier than usual, because Laurence was very much engaged in looking over the collection of portraits which had been his New-Year's gift from Grandfather.
Grandfather bade him draw the table nearer to the fireside; and they looked over the portraits together, while Clara and Charley likewise lent their attention.
He longed to solve the mystery of something in the face Nastasia Philipovna, something which had struck him as he looked at the portrait for the first time; the impression had not left him.
The prince gazed at it for a minute or two, then glanced around him, and hurriedly raised the portrait to his lips.
dear as Mary had once been, in the golden time when my portrait was first painted?
I observed languidly that they were most of them portraits of ladies--fair idols, no doubt, of the Major's facile adoration--and I cared to notice no more.
when the very essence of a good portrait is, that it must be either serious or smirking, or it's no portrait at all.
The whole passage was hung with portraits of knights in armor, and ladies in silken gowns; and the armor rattled, and the silken gowns rustled
I had not had the portrait in my hands two minutes before the fair artist returned.
Neville,' says Edwin, quick to resent the indignant protest against himself in the face of young Landless, which is fully as visible as the portrait, or the fire, or the lamp: 'I suppose that if you painted the picture of your lady love--'
Bounderby closed the door, and stood before the fire; projecting himself after his old explosive manner into his portrait - and into futurity.
Though he no more sees the portrait than if it were in China.