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Part or division.


Part or division.

segment of a bifocal lens (seg) 

An area of a bifocal lens of a power different to that of the main portion. Syn. portion. There is the distance portion, which has the correction for distance vision, and the near or reading portion, which has the correction for near vision. See intermediate portion.
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Also new to the show was the DSI B/31/41 high-speed blade portioner, which can handle a wide range of fish, meat and poultry products - even items as thick as 150mm (six inches).
Skaarfish uses a DSI water-jet portioner and a GyroCompact P42 spiral freezer from Frigoscandia to produce frozen fillets.
An order was received not long ago from a European processor for a DSI Portioner, a batter-breading unit and GCO oven from Stein, plus a Gyro-Compact freezer, a FrigoPak refrigeration plant and computer controls from Frigoscandia Freezer.
Mince Portioner as apart of a total in-line system for the high speed production of accurately portioned fresh mince.
To help maintain both flexibility and quality, the company recently installed a Portioner, the computer-controlled water-jet cutter from DSI, a Frigoscandia Process Systems unit.
SmartSlice XT is the first in-line continuous portioner designed for processors who need to produce high volumes of fresh or chilled boneless portions to thickness.
Additional Marlen machines now available in the UK and Ireland through Wrapid include: the T-150 and T-300, which include variable speeds of up to 15 cycles per minute and a patented gas backfill system designed to minimize gas usage and produce low oxygen residual levels; a Stacker Denester Loader, a multiple tray capacity stacker; a Variable Meat Portioner, packaging infinitely variable cut lengths of meat, pneumatically controlled for precision performance.
The resultant new preparation line from mincer and portioner through to packaging machine and materials is supplied by Convenience Food Systems (CFS) of Bakel, The Netherlands, tel:+31 49 234 9349, fax:+31 49 234 3969.