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Part or division.


Part or division.

segment of a bifocal lens (seg) 

An area of a bifocal lens of a power different to that of the main portion. Syn. portion. There is the distance portion, which has the correction for distance vision, and the near or reading portion, which has the correction for near vision. See intermediate portion.
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Among its numerous offerings are spinach, corn, peppers and red cabbage with apple in a variety of portionable formats; bio organic onions, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and beans, and various vegetables blends; potato products; fruits and fruit mixes; plus a variety of ready meals.
Field Fresh Herbs present a solution to this in portionable, resealable packaging, so waste is minimal with the greatly extended shelf-life of a freshly frozen product.
Findus UK has already shown the way in the frozen aisle with the April launch of Findus Rice Bags--a 1kg portionable ready meal available in Chicken Tikka with rice, Chicken Korma with rice and Chilli Con Came with rice (preceded by a pasta range).
Frozen food has the advantage of fitting into these new eating habits by being portionable, quick and convenient.