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genetic analyses determined that the ants currently undergoing population explosions on St.
The global population explosion will end, for the earth will support just so many people.
Also real bearskins were brought back owing to the bear population explosion, now kindly go back into hibernation gentlemen (ie shut up).
Another argument contends that help for Africa, in particular, will backfire as an even greater population explosion leads to more hunger and suffering.
On the other hand, Miss Marple's British devotees did not actually believe that Britain was in the grip of a crime wave being stymied by little blue-haired ladies, whereas many Americans appear to take quite seriously each new warning about imminent and catastrophic fallout from a global population explosion.
He grew up quiet and shy in Detroit, Michigan, during a population explosion.
Rising oil prices have funded two years of budget surplus ending years of deficits, but the government is spending much more now due to a dearth of EPC contractors and continuing rise in contract costs - on top of higher social welfare spending to fight off mounting unemployment stemming from a population explosion.
All of this is supposed to depict a myth of Liu's own invention, something about a population explosion inadvertently resulting from attempts by alien space blobs to resurrect Earth's dead soldiers by unleashing an immortality serum that civilians begin using recreationally.
In the context of the global urban population explosion Herbert Girardet asks how a sustainable relationship can be established between cities and planet.
As a result the North East will be left with an ageing population while the population explosion continues in the South.
Racing's press corps, for whom Listowel has long been a favourite fixture, has had a population explosion in recent years, not to mention the fact that some of us take up more space than we used to, and Listowel's facility, while excellent in some ways, badly needs expansion.
These little white mice have odd claws attached to their feet, and they have had a tremendous population explosion.