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(pă-pā'vĕr, pă-pav'er),
A genus of plants, one species of which, Papaver somniferum (family Papaveraceae), furnishes opium.
Synonym(s): poppy
[L. poppy]


Any of the several plants of the genus Papaver. Opium is obtained from the juice of the unripe pods of Papaver somniferum.


n Latin names:
Papaver somniferum, Papaver bracteatum; part used: seeds; uses: diarrhea, sedative, antitussive, smooth muscle relaxant; analgesic; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, addiction, CNS depression, respiratory depression, overdose. Also called
great scarlet poppy, opium poppy, poppyseed, or
thebaine poppy.


member of the plant family Papaveraceae. Includes the genera Papaver, Chelidonium and Argemone.

poppy (horticultural)
see papaversomniferum.
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