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n Latin names:
Populus alba, Populus termuloides, Populus nigra; part used: bark; uses: arthritis, diarrhea, urinary infections, colds, gastrointestinal complaints; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children younger than twelve, asthma, coagulation disorders, anticoagulant disorders, salicylate sensitivity, nasal polyps, hepatoxicity. Also called
American aspen, black poplar, quaking aspen, or
white poplar.
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Genestas obtained a distant view of a wide circular space, planted with trees, a fountain surrounded by poplars stood in the middle of it.
It was not so close for Poplar after they beat Windmill 3-0 thanks to goals from Darren Whitmore, Mitchell Thompson and Danny Harris.
The building stood on the corner of Grange Road and Poplar Street and was still there for some years after all the terraced housing was cleared in the 1970s and early 1980s.
Among their topics are Populus genetic resources, poplar genome microarrays, metabolics, the genetic control of the annual growth cycle in woody plants, and the ecogenomics of mycorrhizal interactions mediated by the aspen genome under elevated ozone and carbon dioxide.
Scientists have now discovered a novel and healthful substance that will help your skin stay young - an extract from the leaf buds of poplar trees
Yellow poplar is one of those woods with a wide range of names, among them canarywood, canoe-wood, tulipwood and tulip poplar.
With people recognising that buying makes more sense than renting, there are just a couple of plots now available for 2010 at Parklands in Blackwood, The Grange in Summerston and Poplar Grove in Chapelhall.
Poplar is a fast-growing, short-rotation species that has become a feedstock for pulping and for different composite wood products, such as fiberboard and particleboard.
A home in Victoria Gardens Taylor Wimpey have a new part-exchange scheme at Victoria Gardens, Airdrie, and Poplar Grove, Chapelhall, in Lanarkshire.
The agents of their misery are some of the 300,000 female poplar trees which line streets in Beijing.
Nine conveyances between the Secretary of the Interior and the District, excluding Poplar Point, are planned to be completed by the end of summer 2008.
Cooper began as president of the community college based in Poplar Bluff in 1997.