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Acronym for Purinethol (6-mercaptopurine), Oncovin (vincristine sulfate), methotrexate, and prednisone, a cancer chemotherapy regimen.


an abbreviation for a combination drug regimen used in the treatment of cancer, containing three antineoplastics, Purinethol (mercaptopurine), Oncovin (vincristine sulfate), methotrexate, and predniSONE (a glucocorticoid).

Patient discussion about POMP

Q. help with tingling in the hands amd numness

A. I have experienced the same conditions in the past on numerous occasions. The malady, more than likely, is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You should consult a neurologist for a diagnosis.

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Ormsby's deluxe style is sure to offend those who equate polysyllables with pompousness and full-throated melody with atavism.
The human reserves of pompousness, self-seriousness, and the leaden earnestness that always threatens to run molten are unlikely ever to be exhausted.
During his vaudeville years he became the preeminent juggler of the day, and he also developed many of the bits, sketches, voices, and characters with their mock pompousness and nasal drawl--Charles Bogle, Mahatma Kane Jeeves, Otis Criblecoblis, Egbert Souse--that would later appear on film.
The less/ more familiar second reference is in fact the disparaging one, hinting at a certain pompousness in Allen's attitude toward D'Arcy and in his (Allen's) refusal to drink at Paddy Gleeson's in Hobson Street--because 'there were fights, he said, brawls' (p.
Through humor and satire, life's misfortunes and seriousness are attentuated, its pompousness deflated.
This very pompousness of attitude (combined with the deed itself) sets him up for the fall; the passage adds bite to the satirizatioa of wayward clergy that lies at the comic ceatre of this Flemish fabliau.
I know him to be very snobbish and anyone he comes across in policing or public service is certainly of a lower class than him and in my view it is complete pompousness.
As the military man, Gunn gives Belcore pomp and pompousness.
Wayne, who is headlining Rock Ness festival, said: "I'm a fan of them on one level, but on another level I get really tired of their pompousness.
Martina Zadro was tremendous dramatically as well as vocally as Violetta, Jaewoo Kim brought an unexpected depth of characterisation to Alfredo, and Robert Presley melted into a moving Germont after his initial pompousness.
He touches on his character's pompousness with affecting subtlety and, given a line such as "tricky things, these soda siphons," plays it with compassion toward his hostess rather than as an actor in search of a laugh.
The Cub, writes Shillingsburg, has the faults one finds in many of Simms's novels--"verboseness, authorial intrusion, occasional pompousness, diffuse focus, and thin characterization" (p.