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(pō-mād', pō-mahd'),
An ointment or cream containing medicaments; usually used on the hair.
Synonym(s): pomatum
[Fr. pomade, fr. L. pomum, apple]

pomade (pō·mādˑ),

n a substance that comprises the fat that contains fragrant materials produced by enfleurage.
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Butler ordering hair powder and aromatic pomatum [a greasy or waxy material] for his men's hair, seems to indicate a desire to shape them into more of a professional soldier rather than the merciless frontiersmen they have traditionally been typecast as being.
Nor did the shaving soap, pomatum, and even the lip salve [these cosmetics consisted mostly of lard and other edible fats], leather of their shoes, cartridge boxes, etc, share any better fate.
Besides, amber is a hard, transparent, brittle, odorless substance, used for mouth-pieces to pipes, for beads and ornaments; but ambergris is soft, waxy, and so highly fragrant and spicy, that it is largely used in perfumery, in pastiles, precious candles, hair-powders, and pomatum.