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(pō-mād', pō-mahd'),
An ointment or cream containing medicaments; usually used on the hair.
Synonym(s): pomatum
[Fr. pomade, fr. L. pomum, apple]

pomade (pō·mādˑ),

n a substance that comprises the fat that contains fragrant materials produced by enfleurage.
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It's the one night of the year when the maitre d' needs to turn the lights down and the music low, because us poor pomaded gentlemen need all the help we can get; and it's the one night that couples don't want to be interrupted by a chef pulling up a chair for an extended chat.
With their plucked, pomaded and Botox-ed bodies, along with a level of shallowness not seen since Fox's ``Joe Millionaire'' drew a bevy of beautiful gold diggers, the girls of ``Single in L.
They are flower arrangements--in their severity, almost Japanese: hair pomaded into waves, dark furrows of pen and ink, the body peroxided by the midst of white peignoir into its simplest version, minimalist, ascetic.