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The seven polyvalent, or open-form, films Dorsky has made since the early '90s register in different psychic temperaments what the filmmaker once called the "mystery of seeing and being.
Guide to initial dosage of antivenoms for some southern African snake species(5) species English name antivenom initial dose Bitis arietans Puff adder SAVP 50 - 100 Polyvalent ml Bitis gabonica gaboon viper SAVP 50 - 100 Polyvalent ml Dendroaspis polylepis black mamba SAVP 50 - 200 Polyvalent ml Dendroaspis angusticeps Eastern green SAVP 50 - 100 mamba Polyvalent ml Dispholidus typus boomslang SAVP 20 ml boomslang Naja annulifera Snouted SAVP 50 - 120 cobra Polyvalent ml Naja haje Egyptian SAVP 50 - 120 cobra Polyvalent ml Naja mossambica Mozambique SAVP 100 ml spitting Polyvalent cobra Naja nigricollis black-necked SAVP 50 - 100 spitting Polyvalent ml cobra Naja nivea Cape cobra SAVP 80 - 120 Polyvalent ml
Nevertheless, in case 2, the DFA of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid was positive to polyvalent antisera.
The task thus becomes the production with integrity of the story of these poor people's lives and the reflection of their polyvalent voices.
Il est ideal pour ceux qui recherchent un vehicule polyvalent pour le travail mais aussi pour les loisirs et les escapades en famille.
Darboven is, in her cryptic way, a gameplayer, and her embedded mathematical, historical, and pop-cultural details challenge the determined sleuth with polyvalent epistemological and chronological puzzles.
00 moles/100 grams of the polymer of at least one base capable of maintaining the coating composition from pH eight to pH 11; and optionally, at least one polyvalent metal cation; wherein the sum of the amounts of the base and the polyvalent metal cation is greater than 0.
No specific neutralization was observed when polyvalent or monoclonal antibodies that neutralized TGEV or the human coronaviruses OC43 or 229E were used in a standard neutralization assay.
In test tubes, this synthetic molecule, which they call polyvalent inhibitor (PVI), prevented the natural anthrax proteins from binding to PA63.
The Company's pipeline includes a polyvalent family of DNA-based pre-vaccines for influenza, and a product, Formaxycin[TM], that is intended to treat pre-cancerous conditions of the skin based upon a natural product long used by traditional healers in Africa.
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