Polymers of uronic acids (for example, glucuronic acid, galacturonic acid); the pectins are polyuronides.
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The observation of a wholesale flake precipitates indicating the presence of polyuronides.
Stoichiometric depolymerization of polyuronides and glycosaminoglycuronans to monosaccharides following reduction of their carbodiimide-activated carboxyl groups.
This is because the POM-C or light fraction C, which is present as transient binding organic matter (polysaccharides, polyuronides, mucilages, microbial debris) and temporary binding organic matter (roots, fungal hyphae), disappears at a much faster rate than the whole SOM (Greenland and Ford 1964; Dalal and Mayer 1986d; Chan 1997).
The fast-relaxing subspectrum (47% of the signal) appeared to consist mostly of disordered/amorphous polysaccharides and polyuronides (carbonyl and O-alkyl peaks), protein (carbonyl, N-alkyl, and alkyl peaks), and lignaceous material.