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A person who has mastered multiple disciplines and/or arts
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The Polymath Project was set in motion, in January 2009, by Tim Gowers, a brilliant mathematician, recipient of the Fields Medal, the highest honor in mathematics, dubbed the Nobel Prize of mathematics.
Spain's Complutense University is set to unveil a statue of Omar Khayyam in an effort to honor the world-renowned Persian polymath and poet.
The celebrated scientists include Abu Rayhan Al Biruni, a polymath, the Syrian astronomer Ibn Al Shatir, the 13th century Andalucian physician Ibn Al Nafees, who described blood circulation and Iraqi Ibn Al Haytham who founded modern optics.
Tehran, Oct 18 (ANI): Archaeologists have discovered ruins of an observatory that had been built by the Iranian polymath Khawja Nasir ad-Din Tusi at a castle during the 13th century in Iran.
A marvellous pop-up book that takes the child into to the world of the sixteenth century Florentine polymath, Leonardo da Vinci.
With MD, PhD, and MS (in astronomy) degrees, Garber is as much a polymath as his predecessors.
Jonathan Williams (1929-2008): Poet, Publisher, Polymath
Sudoku is a Japanese polymath logic game that has become enormously popular with Americans.
Polymath of the Baroque: Agostino Steffani and His Music.
Another was Buckminster Fuller, the polymath who invented the geodesic dome and whose ideas about researchers crossing disciplinary and institutional lines were, Turner argues, intimately connected with Cold War military research.
As medieval physician and polymath Paracelsus observed, "All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison.
The author, a novelist, biographer, critic, journalist and something of a polymath, is also an historian: pace his earlier book, The Victorians.