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The biggest fabric for outdoor furniture is still woven polyester mesh.
Most solid covers sandwich a polyester mesh between layers of vinyl that contain ultraviolet and chemical inhibitors and come in a variety of colors.
3658 / 15 "for hernia repair kit including ventral fascial closure device, tridimensional multifiber polyester mesh coated on one side of a film"
Featuring a fabric-coated hard case insert perfectly fit to keep your Google Glass in place, polyester mesh exterior casing that's durable enough to handle your day-to-day activity, yet feels light and comfortable in your hands, interior side pocket to hold your Android/ iOS device, accessory compartments for your charger and cables, and much more.
Don't let the girls have all of the fun : The Quicksilver Men's Surf Shirt is made of polyester mesh infused with bamboo charcoal, offering UPF 40+ protection so surfers can enjoy the sand and surf without worrying about the sun.
it was made out of a lightweight polyester mesh and will stay up for two weeks until the end of Cardiff Fashion Week which is launched on Saturday and runs until Sunday, October 27.
In addition, polyester mesh fabric under the arms enables a full range of movement and increased air flow to help regulate temperature in key heat areas during games.
The end result is a three-piece, lightweight uniform of nylon and polyester mesh that is reversible for all-season hunting in either open country or wooded terrain.
The third bag, a 14-inch by 18-inch polyester mesh item, is available in white or black.