polyclonal antiserum

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polyclonal antiserum

Immunology A Gemische of antibodies with distinct epitope reactivities, produced in response to a broad antigenic stimulus, which may be harvested from a person exposed to a particular pathogen and administered to another whose response to the pathogen is inadequate. See Immune globulin.


derived from different cells; pertaining to several clones.

polyclonal antiserum
see polyclonal antibody.
polyclonal gammopathy
see polyclonal gammopathy.
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The effects of polyclonal antiserum against pig APM protein on growth performances and feed intake are showed in Table 1.
Murgue for kindly providing a polyclonal antiserum against WNV antigens.
An IgG fraction of a goat polyclonal antiserum (International Enzymes, Inc.
A polyclonal antiserum was prepared as follows: rabbits were immunized by intracutaneous injection of 100 [micro]g of total GST-[alpha] in complete Freund's adjuvant and boosted twice by subcutaneous injection of 50 [micro]g of GST-[alpha] in incomplete Freund's adjuvant.
After immunization of guinea pigs with insulin lispro and screening of sera for antibodies with increased affinity and selectivity for insulin lispro vs native human insulin, we prepared a monospecific polyclonal antiserum by a novel immunoadsorption strategy using despentapeptide insulin (DPI) (4) an analog of human insulin lacking the five terminal amino acids at the carboxy terminus of the B chain.
448163), polyclonal antiserum against human transferrin (cat.
By comparing the results of the recently available elastase ELISA with monoclonal antibodies with those of the RIA procedure with polyclonal antibodies, we found, surprisingly, that the latter assay with polyclonal antiserum was much better for diagnosis of pancreatitis than the ELISA system with monoclonals.