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Pertaining to mRNA carrying information for the synthesis of more than one protein.


a single mRNA encoding several different polypeptide chains.

polycistronic mRNAs
a mRNA found in prokaryotes that encodes more than one protein. See also monocistronic mrnas.
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Using the tandem genes, Carey created iPS cells containing just a single copy of the polycistronic vector instead of multiple integrations of the viruses.
These distances are well within the 46-nucleotide ribosomal scanning range for translational reinitiation proposed by Adhin and van Duin [12] for polycistronic transcripts.
The long reads generated by the GS FLX System were critical for the assembly of full length transcripts, identification of polycistronic mRNA and for the discovery of short transcripts, since the 5' and 3' tags were contained within a single read.
MicroRNA 17-92, polycistronic miRNA, is amplified and upregulated in a variety of B-cell lymphomas and is transcriptionally regulated by C-MYC.
The function of the viral E6 protein complements that of E7 and, in the high-risk HPV types, the two proteins are expressed together from a single polycistronic mRNA species (16).