poly(amino acids)

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pol·y(a·mi·no ac·ids)

(pol'ē-a-mē'nō as'idz),
Polypeptides that are polymers of aminoacyl groups, that is, of -NH-CHR-CO-; typically, a term used with homopolymers. See: poly- (2).
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TABLE 41 GLOBAL renewable polyamino acids MARKET, by geography 2007 - 2014 ($thousands)
Formerly with Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, the Oak Ridge National Laboratories where she did research in radiation chemistry of DNA and polyamino acids, she joined Claude Pepper Institute of Aging and Therapeutic Research in 1993.
The site's special process technologies include carbon coupling reactions, polyamino acids, Suzuki coupling reagents, distillations, salt formations, Grignard chemistry and powder handling, and it is one of the industry's few sites to offer large-scale simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography for chiral separations.