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For the full year 2016, net sales of the Polyamides business amounted to [euro]1.
Isolated flexion tests were carried out on solid (G3) and hollow (G4) polyamide 12 rods (Figure IF) in order to verily if alterations in their geometry led to significant changes in their mechanical properties, modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture during flexion.
Overall, under these developments and other investments made in recent years on the site amounting to EUR10m, Arkema is significantly consolidating its offering together with the flexibility of its manufacturing plants in Asia for biosourced polyamides marketed under the trade name Rilsan.
VESTOSINT is a modified PA12 powder that is manufactured at the Marl site from a polyamide granulate, using a proprietary Evonik process.
The bio-based and specialty polyamide segment is expected to register high growth during the considered period, due to their advantages such as increased performance.
Physical, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polyamide Resins in Comparison with PPMA
Besides thermoplastic tape, DSM provides solutions for liners in Type IV composite pressure vessels with its Akulon Fuel Lock polyamide portfolio.
Even though slower crystallization creates larger crystals that might be expected to produce a less clear film, tests on full-scale production lines have shown that there is virtually no discernible difference in the optical properties of films made with a benchmark film-grade polyamide and Akulon XS.
Demand for polyamide 66 for automotive applications in Indonesia is growing substantially, with automobile production forecast to increase from 1 mil units in 2012 to 1.
Arkema was the world's sole producer of polyamide 11 for almost 60 years.
In addition, the introduction of polyamide resins to Firmenich's amino acid transparent candle has created a product that meets all of the safety criteria.