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An aliphatic or alicyclic molecule characterized by the presence of two or more hydroxyl groups; for example, glycerol, inositol.
[G. polys, much, many + alcohol]
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The test results for mortar mixes presented in Figs 2 and 3 prove that due to the reduction of air entrainment in mortar and its rheological properties, the most effective mixes contained an AFA based on polyalcohol.
5]) a five carbon sugar polyalcohol, is found in various fruits and some vegetables [28].
Polyurethane 2-pack paints, when mixed, cure by the reaction of a polyalcohol in Part A with an isocyanate resin to form a urethane polymer (equation 1):
Both our patients consumed large amounts of sorbitol, which belongs to the family of polyalcohol sugars, like mannitol and xylitol, some of which are regularly used as laxatives.
13) Crosslink reaction of polyalcohol accelerated vulcanization for chlorosulfonated polyethylene.
POLYANDROUS no Andrews singing sis POLYGRAPHIC a birdy tattle-tale POLYSYLLABIC see Polyglottal POLYGRANTA a fondness for pomegranate seeds POLYALCOHOL booze for birds POLYCENTRIC a parrot turns into a penny POLYGON she flew away POLYGLOTTAL swears in many tongues POLYPHONOUS a birdy phone phreak POLYUNSATURATED never goes out in the rain POLYMORPHOUS a sleepy one, or shape shitter POLYCARBONATE the parrot ate the carbon copy POLYGENE cowboy singer Autry's parrot POLYNOMIAL she didn't get any food
It is a polyalcohol present in plants, fruits, and seaweeds.