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Abbreviated form and colloquialism for polymorphonuclear leukocyte.


polyadenylic acid
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Quality Land Bank Secures Growth: Poly recorded contracted sales of CNY274 billion in 11M17, maintaining a strong sales trend (2016: CNY210 billion).
8220;We recommend particularly that the drawtape poly bag is employed in various industries ranging from retail to hospitality and healthcare.
4 (-) Love Today - Mika (txt: THECHART POLY 04 to 84080)
DJ came up big for us there despite missing those free throws," said Poly coach Brad Katz.
So Levy and his colleagues at the NIAID stabilized poly I poly C against enzymatic breakdown by adding polylysine and carboxymethylcellulose to the compound.
Staple packs are also commonly used for poultry and fish, with special additives available in fish plastic packaging to retain freshness and prevent the poly bags from bursting in freezer storage.
Cal Poly 78, Cal State Northridge 72: LaJoyce King posted her ninth double-double of the season with 12 points and 13 rebounds, while Ofa Tulikihihifo led the visiting Matadors with 23 points, but CSUN's five-game win streak came to an end.
Team Poly also built the rotomolding machine using off-the-shelf materials and PLC controls.
4 (2) Stars In Their Eyes - Just Jack (txt: THECHART POLY 04 to 84080)
Grant (14-5, 2-1) successfully frustrated Gay with double and triple teams throughout and appeared on its way to an upset over Poly (14-4, 3-0), ranked No.
Poly bd 2035 TPU is an 80 durometer A material with a specific gravity of 0.
Impressive, but stacked alongside the three undefeated seasons and five Southern Section Division I titles Long Beach Poly has won since 1996, it falls somewhere in between ``not bad'' and ``ho-hum.