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tr.v. pol·luted, pol·luting, pol·lutes
To make unfit for or harmful to living things, especially by the addition of waste matter.

pol·lut′er n.


To ruin, contaminate, or spoil; to make something, such as water, food, or the environment, unfit for use or unsafe for living things.

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Q. where would i find list of all the "clean" cities and the rates of air pollution ...?

A. i don't know about a list of "good" cities, but i know a list of the worse cities for Asthmatic people!-

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We want a government that listens to the people, rather than a handful of polluting companies.
A sample taken at the time of the incident confirmed that the discharge contained poisonous, noxious or polluting matter which was potentially harmful to fish life in the receiving waterway.
Tony Juniper, of Friends of the Earth, said: "Instead of spending time and energy battling popular initiatives, Porsche should put its effort into a new generation of much less polluting vehicles.
Build higher and wider dikes,' was Greenpeace's advice to the world's rich, heavily polluting countries, after the collapse," reported Canada's Southam News Service.
Although the act gave the board sweeping power, reflecting the interests of the largest of the State's manufacturing interests, it exempted the three rivers of the state which had the greatest concentration of industrial use, the Merrimack, the Concord, and the Connecticut, and allowed for some corporations already polluting by either prescription or legislative grant to continue.
The groups' attorney, John Farrow, said Boeing racked up 49 violations for exceeding the pollution limits of its permit, and 88 violations for polluting the receiving waters, or creeks where field lab runoff flows.
The Environment Agency prosecution came less than a year after Southern was convicted of polluting the same stretch of the River Beaulieu.
Since the federal Clean Air Act of 1970 was passed (as much because of polluting industries' desire to make an end run around state regulation as from growing environmental consciousness), air-quality control mostly has worked through "command-and-control" - government telling polluters how to do things as well as what to do.
A computer analyzes the returning light signature of the sampled zone against a library of known spectra to identify the polluting agent.
Civil Rights Commission, she presented a report that combined census data with corporate pollution records, showing, she says, "a clear link between the location of polluting industries and race.
To promote the Help California Breathe Easier campaign, Director Zettel crushed high polluting cars from the Bureau of Automotive Repair's (BAR) Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) at two events throughout the day.
SANTA CLARITA - Swimming pools that utilize salt rather than chlorine were banned Wednesday in Santa Clarita, where concern is growing that salts are polluting freshwater supplies.